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Bishop Glister Threadgill, Jr.

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Bishop Glister Threadgill, Jr., is the Establishmentarian and Senior Pastor of Paradise of Deliverance Worship Center, Incorporated and Founder & Presiding Prelate of Divine Covenant Assembly of Christ, Incorporated of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a community Pastor and down to earth person who sees the everyday struggles of the common man and woman in today's society. He is also the Co-Founder of G&L Threadgill Specialties and Equip Me For Life Enrichment Resource Center of Pennsylvania.  Bishop Threadgill is an outstanding motivational speaker and anointed with a word in his mouth for such a time as this. He is the son of Mother Ruthell Threadgill and the late Deacon Glister Threadgill, Sr. He is a native of Robeson County in a small place called Lumberton, North Carolina. Being happily married , Overseer’s beautiful soul mate for life is Minister Latarsha Makai Threadgill and to this union are two beautiful children, Sarai Alexis and Glister III.

 Bishop Threadgill has an earned Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical & Computer Technology with concentration in Graphic Design and a Masters in Technology Education from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina.  He has over 23 years of vast experience training many in the technical area of computers and detailed usage of applications from North Carolina A & T State University of North Carolina to Camden County College of New Jersey to Pierce College of Pennsylvania and to The Lincoln Technical Institute of Pennsylvania.

 In 2009, Bishop Threadgill along with other spiritual leaders of Pennsylvania organized and founded the Divine Covenant Fellowship of Churches International where he presides as the Overseer & President of this fellowship. It is a network of churches and ministries that are together to help one another grow and fulfill the will of God in the Kingdom.

On July 4th, 2003 Bishop Threadgill along with Paradise of Deliverance became a member, affiliate, and a intricate part of True Holiness Temple, Incorporated. Since 2003 to Present, he has served faithfully on the Board of Directors of True Holiness Temple, Inc. and worked diligently on the Board of Presbyter as well. He aided the Presiding Prelate in whatever capacity he was needed. He aided as the laison between the National Church and the Affiliate churches and mission in Africa. Presently, he assist in making sure finances and supplies are sent over to the Orphanage there in Africa, under the leadership of Bishop Losheck T. Kufakunesu.  Because of those efforts and the love and compassion that Bishop Threadgill has for the foreign field and missions of similar sort, the Presiding Prelate Dr. Gloria J. Lewis, on July 3, 2011, officially elevated through announcement & appointed Overseer Threadgill as Bishop Designate over Foreign Mission under the organization. To God be the Glory!

As time moved on to the day of consecration the vision of Bishop Threadgill began to unfold. Pastor Lamont Collins, The Pastor and Founder of Holy Bible Way Ministries conversed with Bishop Threadgill that he desired for Bishop Threadgill to become his covering for him and his church. Pastor Collins was in agreement to the vision that God had given to this leader and he was willing to move forward with the vision of Divine Covenant Assembly of Christ. So on May 9th 2012, Paradise of Deliverance Worship Center & Holy Bible Way Ministries came together to organize and elect Pastor Threadgill as their Bishop. At this meeting the Presiding Prelate of True Holiness Temple, Bishop Gloria J. Lewis was present to witness the election and moved forward to plan the elevation of a spiritual son to Presiding Bishop & Chief Primate of the Divine Covenant Assembly of Christ on May 26, 2012. “The Vision Yet Speaking”

In August 2013, yet another divine plan of God unfolded. Bishop Threadgill and Bishop Lamont Chatman met and agreed to bring Higher Call to Worship Ministries with Praise House Ministries in Fairmont, NC under Divine Covenant Assembly of Christ with Bishop Threadgill governing and pastoring the work. This within itself was a transition and shift that was controlled by heaven. This indeed was definitely "Not A Dream This Time"

Bishop Threadgill is an anointed and mightily used Man of God, who loves what he does for the kingdom and indeed loves working with people from all walks of life. Helping people is his heart’s drive and seeing individuals grow and prosper is his desire.  To know him is to love him and to be in his presence is to experience the love of God.




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